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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Roll The Brim To Win

At first I thought this was a great application, but it didn't take long to find out it had a major drawback. Based on the "Roll up the Rim" contest at Tim Hortons, this application gives you "Brimbucks" for inviting friends and doing offers. You also get $5 Brimbucks every 5 hours you login.

You use your Brimbucks to buy coffee at $1 a cup. You get to roll up the rim of the cup and win itemsTim's Cards or Brimbucks, get 5o matching items and you get Tim's cards in different amounts...$50,$25 and $10 Tim's Cards. Each time you get "Try Again" you get an entry into a draw on Tuesdays.

So far it sounds great doesn't it? WAIT! Remember the major drawback I mentioned? Well this application also gives you the option to try and win a $500 Tim Horton's Card or a Hockey Jersey...they make it seem like you won the chance...when you go to claim these 2 prizes it takes you to a page outside of Facebook where they say you'll be entered in a draw each time you answer a question they send by cellphone. Turns out the cost of the Trivia Game are $2.00 CDN per question. They say they will send 4 questions each week and that by answering a question correctly you have a chance to win fantastic prizes....some people are claiming they send a lot more questions than 4 a week. Several each day in fact. I can't verify that, but it wouldn't surprise me!

In all fairness, it does tell you it costs $2 per question,if you take the time to read the disclaimer, and they do tell you how to cancel it by cellphone, e-mail and a 1-800 number....but a little fishy all the same.

A fun application,just don't give them your cellphone number. People have posted that they got their Tim's Cards in the mail from the other prizes that can be won...just stay away from the $500 and Hockey Jersey offer!


Spiritlights said...

I love Tim's coffee - it's the best! I don't care for that app or any of the apps at facebook that seem to want my cell # in order for me to be eligible for a draw though, there is just too many of them, I always wondered just how many there were. I have a couple that I really like, and some I try and remove...this blog is a great idea!

Rob L said...

I'm afraid I'm a little addicted to Roll Up The Brim... 2000+ rolls and I haven't won anything of value yet but I'm determined to get some real free coffee...

The site has an awful lot of ways to spend your real cash to buy pretend coffee, but as long as common sense prevails, it's harmless fun with a chance to win something.

TIP: Instead of taking the time to roll up each brim individually, just click the yellow "buy" arrow repeatedly over and over and you'll still get all the same chances of winning, and then you can click "Prizes" to see what you won.

App Crap Editor said...

Thanks for the tip Rob! I really haven't used this app for sometime, but think I will check it out again.

Like you I love my "Double,Double" at Timmies and would love to win some free real coffee,lol.

Rob L said...

While googling for some crazy coupom to give me free BrimBucks, I stumbled upon my comment from December 2008 and lol'd.

Now I have rolled close to 125,000 cups and spent over $800,000 Brimbucks. Still haven't won any friggin' real coffee though. And, I still haven't spent any real money, although I've been tempted. "40,000 Brimbucks for only $1?!" lol

They've made a lot of changes to the game so there's lots of way to get free Brimbucks and it is pretty fun I guess, for such a simple game, and is still the only 3rd-party FB app that I use.

App Crap Editor said...

I basically quit playing due to the difficulty in winning anything, but still have the app just in case I have a change of heart,lol.

Did you have any luck finding coupons? Doubt you will find any, but you never know!