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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kiss Me

Want to send one of your "special" friends a kiss via Facebook? This application allows you to do so. You can kiss friends or other random users. You can see who has sent you a kiss and who you have kissed. They also have a forum for posting a message about the best kiss you've ever had.

Not much to this application, but good fun just the same. Now come on! Send me a Kiss!


Anonymous said...

if you are single thats great like who wouldn't love a kiss. but for me myself its a little complicated when you are with someone, married,common law. my other half don't appriciate when i recieve kisses from old schoolmates or he thinks they are old flames so no i don't like this application. if your single great power to you guys and gals out there.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you! It's okay if your single or just for to your husband/wife or to family members you don't see very much.

App Crap Editor said...

Maybe they need an aplication that will let your other half give the person a "Virtual" Beating for their "Virtual" kiss?

Think you can send kisses anonymously also in case you change your mind,lol.

Anonymous said...

I have been getting kisses and various intriguing comments along with those red lips. Are these for real? Are they from real people? If so, how can I find out who the sender is without downloading my credit card or putting in my cell phone number? I don't text, so if they say they'll send me a text identifying the sender, that won't work for me either.

App Crap Editor said...

I haven't used that application for a while and not even sure I still have it.

The comments and kisses sent are from other Facebook users and should be shown automatically unless they are sending them anonymously.

I suggest never giving your credit card or cell phone info. Never used to have to provide that info to find out who sent kisses....if they are asking for Credit card or cellphone info then I suggest you use a different Kiis app.

Anonymous said...

The sender is NOT identified - you have to join and earn points to find out who sent. When you join, an ad goes out saying that you are sending and receiving kisses!

Georgie said...

My girlfriend has been getting kisses from a guy.
How do i see who she has been kissing as it doesn't show me in this application???
Reason for asking it doesn't show when she added him as a friend

App Crap Editor said...

As I said earlier I haven't used the app for some time,but one of the other posters has stated that:

The sender is NOT identified - you have to join and earn points to find out who sent.

Think that only relates to the person recieving the kisses. Not sure how you can find out who is sending them to your girlfriend. Perhaps check her profile and see if the app is displayed. May show there.

Its possible there is no way for you to find out. The new personal security measures may hide the info depending on their settings.

One option is to ask your girlfriend,lol. If there is nothing to hide she should tell you.

Anonymous said...

... its bben 'disabled'; timin iz rotten 4 mi !...

Editor said...

Yes it is now gone, but there are several kissing/hug apps still available.