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Thursday, February 14, 2008

(Lil) Green Patch

Help save the Rainforests with this application. For every 10 friends you invite you save 1 square foot. You are given a "GreenPatch" to hold the plants friends send you. You can tend your greenpatch by buying items and using the items to maintain your greenpatch and your friends greenpatches. 2,487,426 Sq ft Saved so far by Facebook members!

Definatly a worthy cause, you can help improve our world with just a little effort! Join this app now!


Ashley said...

The problem with this app is that all the plants have Caucasian faces. It's so exclusionary. People have asked for plants with brown and black faces, but the developers refuse!

Diane said...

For me the biggest problem is that I don't collect "friends" on Facebook. So once I've sent an invite to the people I know, I'm done and there isn't any point to keeping it. Really annoying cause this is the first app on FB which I would have liked to keep.

There is mention of having a widget on your blog, in the FAQ. But there is no widget. Seems it was taken down. I found it on another domain but looks like the code is broken.

App Crap Editor said...

Diane...In the case of "(Lil) Green Patch" you can actually keep using it over and over with the same friends. Just keep sending friends different plants each day. Although if they don't want to use the app then I guess your right.

As for what you said about having a widget on my blog I am not sure what you are reffering too. I don't have any FAQ section on my Blog unless your reading Google's FAQ's?

I do have a virus widget on my Blog on the left bottom, appears to be working to me...all it does is list the newest threats so it doesn't really do much.

App Crap Editor said...

Ps. Ashley

Your right! :)

Philoso-her said...

I agree there could be more diversity in the faces to reflect a true global community.

As of January 24, 2009, (Lil) Green Patch reported 5,811,857 monthly active users, and was able to save 96,124,167 Sq ft of Rainforest to date.

Let's help them improve and continue!