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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Parking Wars!

Just came back from visiting my Brother and he introduced me to another addictive game application! "Parking Wars" is a great little game where you Park cars and earn cash. Each of your friends who have the app get their own street and they can give you a ticket if they catch you parking on their street illigally. Of course you can also ticket them if they park illigally on your street.

They start you out with 3 streets so you can get started playing right away even if none of your friends join, so don't be surprised if you see someone parked on your street who is not one of your friends.

The value of a parked car goes up over time. The longer a car is parked, the faster its value increases. In the first hour, a car earns $1 per minute, in the second hour it earns 2$ per minute, and so on. After 12 hours, a parked car will reach its maximum value ($5,560) and no longer increase in value.

Whenever you move one of your cars from one parking space into another you "cash it in" -- the car's current value is added to your score, and then it starts over again at $100 in the new spot.

Most parking spots have signs that limit which cars can legally park there.Sometimes you won't be able to find any legal spaces, but it's usually better to park illegally than leave a car unparked. Be aware -- occasionally, an existing sign will change into another type of sign while your parked there.

Whenever a car is parked in an illegal spot, the owner of that street can issue that car a ticket. The size of the ticket is equal to the car's current value, this amount is taken from the violator and given to the owner of the street. Ticketed cars are immediately towed and become unparked.

Because parked cars go up in value over time, choosing when to give a ticket can be tricky. The longer you wait, the more the ticket will be worth, but the greater the risk that the violator will move their car, taking the value for themself.

Your level is determined by how much cash you have. When you reach a new level you will be awarded with a new car to add to your collection. So what ya waiting for? Join Parking Wars!

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