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Thursday, January 31, 2008


Another game app, "Tycoon" is a type of business investment game with a twist. You start with $10,000,000 and earn extra cash by sending gifts to friends and by them sending you gifts. Use this money to "Invest". Once you invest in a business you must try and win ownership by getting the high score in a game of HiLow(cards game). If you get the high score the business is added to your Assets where you can leave it or cash it in for more cash to play with.

Little bit of skill and a little bit of luck involved, but a nice game app that will keep you occupied for a bit. So far I have 2 Hockey teams as assets, 80 million when I cash it out! Investments start at $1,000,000 and go up to $5,000,000. The higher the investment amount, the larger the value of the asset will be.

This game is so addictive partly due to the fact it can be so frustrating!The HiLow game can frazzle your nerves if your not careful. The HiLow part of the game also takes about 30 seconds to load so you'll need a bit of patience there.

If your one of my friends in Facebook, add the app and send me a gift!I'm also in the top 100 Facebook players, 60th at the moment. Check the top Hundred and see where I am now!


Anonymous said...

There are no card games you must just buy low and sell high to keep earning profits and advance to the next club

Anonymous said...

I don't believe we are playing the same game. The Tycoon I'm playing has no card game, and I definitely did NOT atsrt with a million dollars. The Tycoon I'm playing is just a resource game. Buy businesses, sell/buy resources to make money/keep your businesses alive. Also, no selling of the businesses (LAME!) Also, you have to harvest your resources all the time or the other businesses using those resources will close. IMPROVEMENT: Make your businesses auto harvest!!


App Crap Editor said...

It could possibly be a different game. Many apps have come and gone in the past year. It also could be that the game just changed its format.

I haven't played it for months and rely on you guys to keep me updated,lol. So many apps, so little time :)